Stop Consuming Junk Content

The Valurank extension will help you to:

  • Save time by filtering out junk without reading it;
  • Avoid forwarding junk to others;
  • Help the world by stopping the spread of misinformation, disinformation and clickbait.

Just download the free extension and try it out on the first webpage you visit!

We are living through an information explosion - a rapid increase in the amount of information produced and posted online. Some of this information is great.

Most of it is junk.

This enormous pile of junk weighs in on your time, clogs up your attention, and makes you distracted and irritable.

We have developed a browser extension that eliminates this problem. Valurank evaluates each webpage before you spend time reading it, and gives you a summary of scores that you can use to decide whether this webpage is worth spending time on. It’s the “nutrition label” for content we’ve all been craving - a simple pre-filter that helps you decide whether something is worth consuming BEFORE you consume it.

Do you get annoyed -

when your friends or relatives share fake news stories with you?

Be honest -

have you ever done the same thing to them, too?

Valurank solves this problem. It’s your nutrition label - for written content. The extension helps you understand the quality of any webpage or article at a quick glance, helping you save your time and focus your energy on the content you actually want to consume.

It looks like this:

And if you want to see more details, you can click the “view full report button” and see this:
So, if it scores 78, maybe it’s worth sharing (though in this case, the report says it’s possibly offensive - are you sure the person you’re sending this to would appreciate it?).
But consider another example, what if you see this?
There’s no way sharing this will make anyone happy. It certainly won’t do much good for your reputation, would it?

So, this is why you have to have a filter to let you quickly evaluate what you’re dealing with. It saves you time; it saves your friends time; and it keeps the world from drowning in junk.

Just download the free extension and try it out on the first webpage you visit!